A Baby Born into a Political Mess

The children couldn’t go to school that day.

The politicians had taken over their classrooms.

There were threats of violence, and shouting, and angry mobs —

shaking fists and using strong language with angry faces,

— in the very space where the children were supposed to be learning.

One politician decided to try to gain the favor of the crowds in another way

He was searching for what would give him the best advantage.

— a baby boy.

One that had been cast into a pit and had survived.

The child had been rescued after several hours — miraculously surviving the night.

The politician had heard that the child had been abandoned in an orphanage.

He could rescue that child.

And hold that child up in front of the angry mobs, and be their savior.

Then they would vote for him.

His driver bumbled down the dusty road, the children displaced from their school lessons jeered after the wheels which left them behind, covered in dust.

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